Rijbewijs B - Theorie examen Engels verlengd

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As part of achieving your driver license you have to pass your theory exam. DON Opleidingen has a short waiting list for the theory exams. 
We can plan your theory exam weekly. Please contact us for the available places!


You can participate for the theory exam at the age of 16 year. 


The exam takes place at the CBR in Rijswijk. You need a valid ID to do your exam. 

Extra Informatie

Voor meer informatie kunt u met ons contact opnemen via 0174-623030 of via  info@donopleidingen.nl. Kijk voor ons overzicht aan opleidingen en trainingen op www.donopleidingen.nl.

For more information please contact us on 0174-623030 or info@donopleidingen.nl. For more information about our educations and training check our website